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February 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the February 2014 edition of Furzer Crestani News.

This e-newsletter highlights activities from a tax and leadership/personal development perspective that we trust could be useful for you and your business associates.

Pension Bonus Scheme

Last date to register is 28 February 2014      

The Pension Bonus Scheme (the scheme) was introduced on 1 July 1998.  For eligible older Australian who defer claiming Age Pension and instead remain in the workforce, the scheme pays a tax free lump sum when they eventually claim and receive Age Pension

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How Does Owning a Rental Property Affect Your Tax Position?

With the current boom in property markets in Sydney, one of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is "How will my tax position be affected by buying an investment property and leasing it?

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Characteristics of a Well Run Business- Part 1
There are many characteristics for a successful business. Most businesses have specific characteristics that relate to their industry or geographical location and entrepreneurs aspiring to grown or improve their own business need to regularly review and challenge those characteristics that define their operation.
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Stress Management - Part 2 

In our December 2013 newsletter, we discussed stress as the emotional and physical way we respond to pressure when faced with difficult, dangerous or challenging situations.

In this article, we discuss how stress affects our lives.   
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In this Issue:

Pension Bonus Scheme
How Does owning a Rental Property Affect Your Tax Position?

Characteristics of a Well Run Business - Part 1

Stress Management - Part 2
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