Forensic Accounting
Providing independent analysis and assessment.
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Tax & Strategic Accounting
Helping you make the right decisions for your Business
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Business Valuations
Determining the value of a business, entity or future income stream.
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Strategic Business Development

Our strategic business development services include:

Business Setup and Planning

We assist you to set up your business entity and advise you on the essential elements required. After analysing your potential business and proposed strategy, we help you select an appropriate tax structure to minimise tax and protect your assets and advise on budgeting to minimise risk and optimise cash flow.

We will examine your future goals and help you plan to realise them. When it comes time for you to sell, retire or hand over to a family member or partner, we will have developed your succession plan.

Business Advice

Have you checked the health of your business lately? We focus our attention on understanding you and your business. We offer practical and easy-to-implement solutions and guidance to protect your assets and help your business grow in ways you may not have thought of. Our business advisory services includes onsite meetings to discuss business management performance, benchmarking, book-keeping, tax planning, management of payroll and development of employee incentive schemes.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

If you'd rather concentrate on your business, not the CFO responsibilities, then why not allow us to be your 'virtual CFO'? By conducting regular meetings with you and your key personnel, we will measure your business' performance and identify areas for growth, increased profitability and cost savings.


Do you need an experienced sounding board? Our dedicated team will provide financial coaching for you and your key personnel to enable you to manage the financial aspects of your business with more confidence. As part of the mentoring process, we assist you to ensure your business achieves its potential and identify key performance indicators resulting in positive changes.

Strategic Review

Do you have a long-term strategy to ensure your business is a saleable asset? Most business owners have a vision to grow and sell their business, but do not have a strategy to maximise the real value the business is capable of achieving. We will coordinate a comprehensive plan which considers strategic business direction, key personnel, valuation and financing. A business plan should be current and reflect the changing market conditions. We ensure your business plan remains relevant to meet your objectives and needs.

Buying and Selling a Business

What's that business really worth?

Buying a business

Before you make an offer on a new business or seek finance, do you know what the business is really worth? Our combination of strategic and forensic accounting expertise enables us to analyse the business and determine its fair value.

Selling a business

If you are considering selling your business, are you sure you will achieve the best price? There are many factors that you may not have considered or found difficult to quantify. Our forensic accounting expertise in valuing businesses will assist you in selling your business with confidence.

Tax Implications

Whether buying or selling a business, have you considered all the tax implications? When a business is bought or sold, a range of taxes are applicable and opportunities to reduce tax or maximise tax deductions are available. These should be reviewed and negotiated before a transaction is completed. Our checklists and templates will ensure you get the best result.

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