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Estate and Will Disputes/Family Law

Divorce, separation or death of a family member can result in litigation which is often complicated by financial issues.

At Furzer Crestani Forensic, we can assist in understanding the financial information and providing valuation services.

As a 'single expert witness', we have prepared reports and given expert witness testimony in the Family Law Court. In other matters, we have been engaged on a consulting basis to provide advice on different aspects of family law claims or estate disputes.

Some of the assignments we have undertaken include:

  • Opinion as to the role, performance and charging of professional fees by the trustee(s) of an estate
  • Unraveling complex financial structures
  • Determining the real value of the estate
  • Valuation of life interests
  • Calculation of future living costs
  • Investigation of financial records
  • Reconstruction of accounts and financial statements
  • Valuation of businesses and entities
  • Valuation of superannuation and other entitlements

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