Forensic Accounting
Providing independent analysis and assessment.
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Tax & Strategic Accounting
Helping you make the right decisions for your Business
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Business Valuations
Determining the value of a business, entity or future income stream.
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Estate and Will Disputes

The death of a family member can result in litigation which is often complicated by financial issues.

At Furzer Crestani Forensic, we can assist you and your clients to understand the financial information and where required, provide an expert report quantifying various items.

Some of the assignments we have undertaken include:

  • Calculation of future living costs
  • Determining the real value of the estate
  • Opinion as to the role, performance and charging of professional fees by the trustee(s) of an estate
  • Unravelling complex financial structures
  • Determining the real value of the estate
  • Valuation of life interests

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