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Furzer Crestani - COVID-19 Update - JobKeeper 3.0

As a result of the tougher COVID-19 restrictions recently imposed in Victoria, on 7 August 2020, the Federal Government announced adjustments to the JobKeeper Payments (now known as JobKeeper 3.0).

The main amendments of JobKeeper 3.0 are: 

1. Adjustments to employee eligibility, i.e. the relevant date of employment is now 1 July 2020 (was 1 March 2020 in JobKeeper 2.0); and 

2. Adjustments to the Decline in Turnover Test, i.e. business now only have to demonstrate their actual GST turnovers have significantly decreased in the previous quarter (was previous 2 quarters in JobKeeper 2.0).

Please click here to download a summary of the key aspects of the JobKeeper 3.0.

We have also published this summary, along with our previous updates, on our website Resources page.

Keep safe and kind regards


Barrie Pike and Kevin Prout 
Furzer Crestani

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